Throughout meetings and exchanges, Alexandre Cecchi designs and manufactures original creations. Each piece distinguishes itself by its own look, story and personality. Each piece of art is unique, reflects the desires of the owner and elegantly blends into the spatial setting in which it is displayed.

Table Ernak

Large table

Top veneered in smoked eucalyptus with the grain of the wood which continues without interruption on the inclined edges
Legs made of solid bleached maple


Large wall console

Hand-developed Santos rosewood veneer
Hand polished high gloss varnish
Brushed and waxed aluminum sails

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Galet kaléidoscopique

Coffee table

Entirely hand-veneered in selected walnut
Poplar frame
Cold metallized edges


Ceiling sculpture

Plexiglas hanging structure
Walnut veneered blades

La main de l'artiste

Small wall console

Top made of Santos rosewood
Eccentric legs in carved solid oak


Two-top coffee table

Trays veneered on top in smoked eucalyptus, curved on the underside
Curved and sheathed twisted legs in solid walnut with metal inlay on each edge

Entre l'arbre et l'écorce

Large dining table

Santos rosewood veneered top

Définition du mouvement

Wall console

Upper part made of brushed oak stained matt black
Lower part in Santos rosewood veneered with high gloss hand varnish
Hidden drawer in white oak, dovetail assembly made entirely by hand

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Chutes du Niagara

Console and side tables

Top tray made of Santos rosewood covered with a hand-polished high-gloss varnish
Base tray made of brushed oak stained matt black
19 mm glass jamps

Mirage de Beaubourg

Sculpture suspended between wall and ceiling

Structure of square tubes veneered in walnut

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Queen Mary

Coffee table

Fully curved frame, veneered in ziricote on the outside and lacquered in orange in its hollow
Aluminum plate as a sole

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Curved wall console

Solid walnut
Integrated lighting system


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